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Living in Stein

Stein is both a city and a municipality, located directly along the river Maas, nestled between Sittard-Geleen to the west and Belgian Maasmechelen across the river to the east. With Maastricht and Valkenburg just a stone’s throw away and other Dutch cities easily reachable by the A2 motorway, Stein is conveniently located. In comparison to other cities and villages in the area, Stein is fairly sizeable, and the municipality is home to nine town centres. Stein’s past can be discovered at the Streekmuseum Elsloo and Stichting Erfgoed Stein, and the municipality is home to a number of national monuments, its own original windmill built in 1805 and about 140 small monuments. Many of these small monuments can be found along the many walking and cycling routes that make their way through the municipality.

Working in Stein

Alongside its vicinity to knowledge campuses, tertiary institutions and international organisations in the Maastricht Region, Stein has five industrial areas which are the locations of numerous successful undertakings in the entrepreneurial sector: Businesspark Stein, Haven Stein, Paalweg, Kerensheide and Schutterstraat. The municipality has a number of projects supporting entrepreneurs including an “Open For Business” which enables starters to get to know one another, share experiences and advice and enable them to grow their networks and businesses.

Education in Stein

Stein has five primary schools and one secondary school, accommodating the educational needs for their residents. International families are welcome to enrol their children in primary schools, however secondary school-aged students have the choice of four bilingual schools in the Maastricht Region and one international school.

Council offices

Stadhouderslaan 200
6171 KP Stein
+31 (0)46 435 9393