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Living in Vaals

Vaals is located in a unique geographical position. It is situated in the border triangle of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, in the direct vicinity of the city of Aachen (BE) and just over 20km from the provincial capital of Maastricht (NL). With its impressive buildings, exceptional location and its beautiful countryside, it also offers a living environment that provides residents with a multitude of housing and accommodation options in addition to extensive recreational areas right at the door. Let yourself be surprised by the many facets of Vaals.

Working in Vaals

Nowhere else in the Netherlands is a municipality located so close to a foreign city. Of course, this puts Vaals in a special position with a lot career opportunities, and approximately a third of our residents work or offer services abroad. In the municipality, we endeavour to coordinate cross-border administration and organisation, so that our residents can make the most of the opportunities offered by the Meuse-Rhine Euregion.

Education in Vaals

RWTH Aachen, the largest technical university in Germany, is a research university located in Aachen (DE), just over 2km from Vaals. The “Katzensprung” student community in Vaals originates from countries all over the world and comes together in this one city to share their unique values and customs.

Council offices

von Clermontplein 15
6291 AT Vaals
+31 (0)43 306 8568