Living in Voerendaal

The South Limburg municipality of Voerendaal is exceptionally green. A walk or cycle ride through our beautiful undulating landscape promotes feelings of peace and prosperity. Here one can enjoy the beautiful parks in the village centres, the fantastic view of the plateau, the meandering water in the brook valleys, the unique flora and fauna in the protected nature areas or the characteristic, buildings built from the unique kunrader stone. Our residents appreciate the peaceful environment, and the rural, village character of Voerendaal.

Working in Voerendaal

The municipality focusses on the strength of the residents and the many entrepreneurs who have settled here. Initiatives of associations, neighbourhoods and communities are welcomed. In addition, our municipality is centrally located between the cities of Heerlen and Maastricht.

Education in Voerendaal

Voerendaal has two primary schools in the municipality. Its unique location nestled between Heerlen and Valkenburg ensure that students are given a choice of quality education within cycling distance and public transport provisions.

Council offices

Raadhuisplein 1
6367 ED Voerendaal
+31 (0)45 575 3399