Work and live in the Maastricht Region

The Maastricht Region is geographically defined as the southernmost region in the Netherlands, and due to its pivotal location bordering on both Belgium and Germany it forms the very heart of Western Europe. This dual positioning gives the Maastricht Region a unique role and an essential purpose, making it an ideal place to work and live.


The strength of the Maastricht Region lies in its:

  • innovative economy
  • international location
  • inspiring living environment
Innovative economy

The ecosystem of the Maastricht Region’s innovative knowledge economy is formed by a significant collaboration between the Brightlands’ campuses and major multinational companies, innovative SME’s and start-ups, thus creating a strong link between education and the labour market.

International location

The Maastricht Region is located in the centre of a dynamic international area which makes it unique in Europe. By devising practical solutions for what once were economic, trade and cultural borders, growth and career opportunities are continuously being generated.

Inspiring living environment

The towns and cities of the Maastricht Region are overflowing with culture and activity which promotes an open connectivity among its residents. Nature, recreation and leisure are central to the region providing a supple balance between city life and rural relaxation.

Nice to know
  • 8 international airports within 1 hour’s reach;
  • 3 university hospitals within a radius of 25km;
  • 2 international schools: United World College Maastricht and Afnorth International School;
  • Plays host to some of the Netherlands’ major cultural events: Pinkpop; Cultura Nova and TEFAF;
  • The most international university in the Netherlands, Maastricht University is located here;
  • High speed train connections to Paris, Frankfurt, Munich and London within 1 hour’s reach.

Our ambition is to be one of the most attractive regions in Europe to work and to live. We welcome everybody, wherever you are from, to support this ambition.