About Expat Centre Maastricht Region

Expat Centre Maastricht Region is a non-profit government agency and was set up in response to the increasing influx of international talent in the Maastricht Region. We pride ourselves on being expert navigators, providing an efficient transition process from nervous newcomer to laid-back local, for individuals and businesses alike.

All international residents located in the participating municipalities in the Maastricht Region are welcome to utilize our information services, consult our expert staff and join in with the professional events hosted by our team and our programme partners.

Our website provides a wealth of information regarding every aspect of expat life in the Maastricht Region, and when further guidance is required our consultants can provide one-on-one advice sessions. In addition to these specialised services, our collaborations with other agencies in the region extend our expertise to cover cross-border, entrepreneurial, immigration, housing and cultural topics.

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Founders of Expat Centre Maastricht Region

The Expat Centre Maastricht Region is a non-profit government agency. It is a joint initiative of the Province of Limburg, Economische Samenwerking Zuid-Limburg and participating municipalities.