Leisure Lane

July 2021

The Leisure Lane is intended to be a ‘slow traffic connection’ covering approximately 33 km between Beekdaelen and Simpelveld in the Maastricht Region. It is more than an ordinary cycling or walking path, it is an experience in itself. An attractive path through the entire Maastricht Region, about 4.5 metres wide and lined with verges, allowing you to experience the landscape and culture of your surroundings. The route is recreational, but also has practical advantages for people cycling to work, to family or home.


The Leisure Lane runs through six municipalities in the Maastricht Region: Beekdaelen, Heerlen, Brunssum, Landgraaf, Kerkrade and Simpelveld. It is a tourist route from the Stationsstraat in Schinnen to the railway yard in Simpelveld. It takes you along the unique landscape of Parkstad and shows the different eras that have marked this region. From Roman times to the mines, from mineral extraction to recreation and green parks. Connecting the various areas of Parkstad and at the same time becoming the link in the international network of long-distance cycle routes between the German Vennbahn and the Belgian Kolenspoor. The cycle route will also strengthen the (tourist) economy as well as the recognition and identity of the region.

Points of Interest

Seven places along the route will be marked as 'points of interest': places that represent a prominent point in the history of the area and in which specific landscape characteristics are incorporated to emphasise this history.

  • Rietpad, Beekdaelen
  • Beweegtuin (exercise garden), Brunssum
  • Zilverduintuin, Heerlen
  • Bostheater, Landgraaf
  • Wilhelminaberg development area, Landgraaf
  • Waterboulevard, Cranenwyer-Nieuw Ehrenstein, Kerkrade
  • Spoortuin, ZLSM station surroundings, Simpelveld

The sites are not immediately visible from the route. They are hidden gems in the landscape that can be reached by a path from the various resting points in the route. The seven 'points of interest' each form a unique experience and make an important contribution to the unique character of the Leisure Lane.


Along the entire length of the Leisure Lane, verges will be constructed on both sides where possible. About twenty mixtures of seeds and bulbs have been composed, which will be planted at certain locations depending on the soil and the type of landscape. We call these ‘botanical verges’. Along the rest of the route, we are using upright planting: this emphasises the view and strengthens the atmosphere on and around the Leisure Lane.

In the route of the Leisure Lane, 15 resting points have been installed; places to enjoy the surroundings even more. The resting points are linked to special places in the landscape.

Furthermore, Provincie Limburg strives for a unique appearance of the Leisure Lane road surface that distinguishes it from other paths and roads.

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