One-year trial of deelauto’s (share cars) without a fixed parking space

11 April 2024

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Maastricht has started a trial where deelauto’s (share cars) do not have a vaste parkeerplek (fixed parking space). They can be collected and returned in a dedicated zone.

The MyWheels company eventually wants to distribute 10 to 20, mostly electric, cars across the city. The fact that shared cars can be picked up at various locations in the city should lower the barrier for automobilisten (motorists) to participate in the system. Although the cars parked in Wittevrouwenveld cannot count on everyone's enthusiasm.

The 20 share cars already in use in Maastricht, offered by Greenwheels, do have fixed parking spaces. There will be 6 more of these soon added.

The Gemeente is enthusiastic about the plans, as it hopes to relieve the parking pressure in the city with share cars. The trial with share cars without a fixed parking space will last 1 year and may be extended 5 times, each for a 1 year period.

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