26 April 2022

There have been a number of alerts from the local and national authorities about vishing (fake phone calls) in the Netherlands recently. Voice phishing, or vishing, is the use of telephone calls to conduct phishing. This is a type of identity fraud where someone attempts to trick you into giving your personal data, which they then use to withdraw or transfer money from your personal accounts or make purchases in your name. Here’s some advice from the Rijksoverheid on how to handle vishing in the Netherlands.

What can I do if I receive a strange or fake phone call (vishing)?

Never give out your bank or private details or transfer money over the phone. Have you received a call from someone from a company or government agency without an appointment and you don't trust them? Hang up as soon as possible and then contact the organisation from which the fake phone call came yourself. That way you can confirm if the call was legitimate and alert the organisation to the situation.

Recognising vishing phone calls

Scammers can call you from any number. For example, from your bank or your municipality. This is called vishing. Here's how to recognise these calls:

1.     Vishing call from your bank:

Your bank will ask you to transfer money by telephone or to provide your bank details or PIN. Break the connection. If you think the phone call is important, find out the correct phone number yourself and call back.

2.     Vishing call with a tape:

You will hear a tape (often in another language) followed by a menu. Then you get someone on the line asking for money, personal details or to download software. Disconnect the call and do not call back.

3.     Vishing call from abroad:

You receive a call from an international number, but the phone only rings once. Ignore the call and do not call back.

Reporting fraud attempts

You can report attempted fraud  at the website. If you have become a victim of fraud, report it to the police by calling 0900 8844, completing an online report or visiting the police station in your city.