What’s going on in the Maastricht Region: weekly markets

23 January 2022

Since the weekly markets are still allowed to go ahead during the pandemic, we thought we’d share a few tips for getting outside in the fresh air and picking up a bargain, a bouquet, an antique or a vintage outfit in the Maastricht Region. We’ve translated Visit Zuid-Limburg’s top 6 weekly markets to get you started.

The zaterdagmarkt in Eygelshoven is highly recommended. People from far beyond the region come to shop and just have a look around. The extensive range and the friendly atmosphere make for a bustling market where you can do all your shopping... and more.

Terbruggen, Eygelshoven
Every Saturday from 09:00-17:00

Every Thursday you can get fresh vegetables, fruit and much more at the versmarkt in Geleen. On Saturdays, the weekmarkt takes place, where you can also buy plenty of clothing, flowers and other products. A delightfully pleasant outing for every member of the family.

Markt, Geleen
Versmarkt: every Thursday from 10:00-17.00
Weekmarkt: every Saturday from 10.00-17-00

In the heart of Heerlen, you can find all your groceries and other purchases every week. From fresh vegetables and fruit to fabrics, haberdashery and clothes. There is much more to discover, but that is best done by visiting the weekmarkt yourself!

Bongerd and Promenade, Heerlen
Every Tuesday from 08:30-15:00

Every Tuesday morning you can go to the gezellig town of Vaals for all your fresh groceries and much more. The location of Vaals, close to the Belgian and German border, makes for a lively atmosphere and friendly people.

Koningin Julianaplein, Vaals
Every Tuesday from 08:00-13:00

On Sundays in Brunssum, you can browse for treasures among the vrij markt’s many stalls with second-hand and new items. In between, enjoy coffee with Limburgse vlaai. With live music in the background, this is guaranteed to be a fun day out for everyone.

Boschstraat 23, Brunssum
Every Sunday from 10:00-16:00

Valkenburg is a beautiful place for a day out or even a wonderful holiday in Zuid-Limburg. Every Monday, you can do your fresh shopping at the market on Walramplein. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and the tasty local produce.

Walramplein, Valkenburg
Every Monday from 09:00-13:00

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Source: Visit Zuid-Limburg

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