Zero-Emission City Logistics in Maastricht

21 February 2024

by Maastricht bereikbaar

Zero-Emission City Logistics

From 1 January 2025, lorries and vans that run on petrol, diesel and biodiesel, LPG, or hybrid fuel will no longer be allowed into the city centre as they could before. However, zero-emissions vehicles (such as electric or hydrogen-powered vehicles) will be free to access this designated zone.

This will have an impact on suppliers and service providers working in the centre of Maastricht. Read on to find out how this will specifically affect your business or the vehicle you drive.

Why Zero-Emission City Logistics?

Maastricht is one of thirty cities in the Netherlands that have committed to Zero-Emission City Logistics. The initiative focuses on reducing CO2 emissions, making fewer and smarter journeys, and prioritizing zero-emissions vehicles. Simply put, Zero-Emission City Logistics is about ensuring every city centre is a clean, accessible, and pleasant space for everyone.

Which vehicles will be allowed into Maastricht city centre?

Zero-Emission City Logistics will have an impact on lorries and vans only (not private cars) and will be rolled out gradually. From 2025, certain lorries and vans will need to be zero-emissions to enter Maastricht city centre. From 2030, this requirement will apply to all lorries and vans. There is a transitional arrangement (only in Dutch)

These vehicles are allowed into Maastricht city centre:

  • Electric cargo
  • bikes or scooters
  • Electric vans
  • Electric lorries
  • Hydrogen vehicles

Be sure to prepare for this change well in advance, so that you can continue doing business in Maastricht. For more information, see

Plug-in hybrid vehicles that are certified as zero-emission may enter Maastricht city centre during the implementation phase (until 1 January 2030).

There are several ways for you to remain compliant:

  • Switch to an electric van or lorry.
  • If you make regular trips to Maastricht, consider working with a logistics services provider on the outskirts of the city. They all have zero-emissions vehicles and can make deliveries to addresses in the city centre.

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