The Partnership Programme

The Partnership Programme

Becoming an official partner in our Partner Programme offers businesses and organisations in the region exclusive access to their respective target groups and numerous opportunities to present their organisations and identify potential collaborations.

The Partnership Programme can offer businesses and organisations:
  • the partner logo will be displayed in the relevant category in the information menu;
  • a full page for information about partner services and contact information on the Expat Centre Maastricht Region website, including a direct link to the partner website;
  • the partner will be listed in the Maastricht Region Manual which every expat receives during their appointment at the Expat Centre Maastricht Region;
  • partners will be offered the opportunity to be present at expat events organised by Expat Centre Maastricht Region;
  • partners are able to participate in events organised by Expat Centre Maastricht Region;
  • partners can state that they are an Official Partner of Expat Centre Maastricht Region;
  • network opportunities with other Official Partners of Expat Centre Maastricht Region at our networking events for Official Partners.
Conditions of joining the Partnership Programme:
  • all relevant information has to be available in English on the partner’s company website, in flyers, forms and in client services;
  • cooperation is required with our monitoring project where expats will evaluate partner services several times a year, the results of which will not be displayed on the Expat Centre Maastricht Region website;
  • partners must submit recent verifiable references from a minimum of 2 expats and 2 international companies with which the company has work(ed);
  • partners have membership with their respective sector's professional association (where applicable);
  • partners will place a link to the Expat Centre Maastricht Region website on their own company's website;
  • partners agree to pay an annual partnership fee of €1,000 incl. 21% VAT.

Businesses and organisations interested in joining the Partnership Programme are to complete the partnership application form and they will be contacted as soon as possible.
For any questions please contact us.