Declaration of goods

When moving to the Netherlands, new residents are generally permitted to import household goods without being liable for import duties. However, this exemption is subject to certain conditions.

Moving to the Netherlands from another European Union Member State

Removal goods or personal goods do not need to be declared to Douane (Customs). This is due to the free movement of goods within the European Union (EU), though some exemptions do apply:

Moving to the Netherlands from a non-EU Member State

When relocating to the Netherlands from a non-EU Member State a customs declaration must be made. Importing removal goods or personal goods without paying tax is possible, however an import permit must be obtained and the wish to import household effects without paying import duties must be clearly stated.

The reason for the relocation to the Netherlands defines the process that needs to be followed for an exemption:

  • moving to the Netherlands for work
  • moving to the Netherlands for study

The customs declaration and import permit cannot be made independently, it must be made by the removal company using Customs' Aangiftesysteem – (declaration system). The removal company will declare the household effects with a special code (relief code) so household effects can be imported with an exemption for import duties.