What to do with waste

16 November 2023
With the festive season around the corner we will likely have plenty waste that needs to be dealt with in the aftermath of celebrating and entertaining. A large amount of it can be recycled, so we thought we'd take the opportunity to review our waste system for those of you who recently moved to the Maastricht Region.

In the Netherlands waste is generally separated into two types: household waste and bulky waste;

Household waste

This is waste that is part of domestic daily life and doesn’t involve chemicals or electrical equipment. Household waste must be separated into groente- fruit- tuinafval (vegetable, fruit and garden waste), recycling, or residual waste;

  • Vegetable, fruit and garden waste is collected in special green bins (depending on the size of the residence) and has a separate collection schedule;
  • Recycling must be separated into glass, plastic, metal and paper and taken to local recycling bins;

Only residual waste that is placed in municipal afvalzakken (bin bags) is collected by the municipality, these bags can be purchased from local supermarkets. Each municipality has its own system for waste.  

Waste is collected by rd4. The waste calendar for your municipality can be downloaded at rd4info.nl by typing in your postcode and house number.

Bulky waste

Bulky waste is waste that doesn’t fit a standard bin bag, such as debris, plaster boards and broken furniture which can be brought to milieuparken (waste and recycling centres), where it has to be divided into clearly defined waste categories.

With your milieupas (waste disposal pass) and a valid identification document, you can bring your bulky waste to all milieuparken in your municipality. You will find an overview on besteuitafval.nl or in the waste application Milieu App.

In Maastricht City there are milieuperrons (sorting stations). These are only for residents of Maastricht City. You can dispose certain types of waste at these sorting stations like Baby nappies and incontinence pads. More information can be found at gemeentemaastricht.nl.

For residents of the other municipalities in South-Limburg refer to your municipality’s website for the most up to date information about waste collections, recycling and waste in your area. This information is commonly found in the section Afval en Milieu.

Find more details about your council offices at our Living and Working in Maastricht Region section.​​​​

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