Interview with an international: Florentina Deliu - Romania

Interview with an international: Florentine Deliu, professional make-up artist - Romania.


What happens if you have an accident ‘abroad’?

Maastricht residents often find that they take a short drive over the border to do some shopping, head to work or study, take the children to school or to fill up with petrol. However, what happens if…


'Ich bin ein Grenzbewohner'

Guest column in ITEM newsletter October by Theo Bovens, Mayor of Enschede and former Governor of the Province of Limburg (NL).


Crossborder living and working: working from home

More and more employers and employees want to work more at home after the corona pandemic is over. As nice as it can be to work at home, the consequences for employees and employers in the Region…


Media Survey

Each year Gemeente Maastricht asks residents to complete a Media Survey so they can ensure that the necessary and relevant information reaches as many people as possible. This year, for the first…


YouRegion Welcome Event in Maastricht

Expats and internationals showed up in droves during our first in-person event for over eighteen months last week. We welcomed a large delegation from Aachen and groups were quickly teamed up with our…