‘Expats are of vital importance to our Maastricht Region’

Professor Frank Cörvers is Program Director Human Capital in the Region at Maastricht University’s Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market (ROA). We spoke to him about the significance of…


Share My Voice: let your voice be heard and fill in the survey

The Netherlands needs knowledge migrants. Tens of thousands of knowledge migrants from all over the world are working in the Netherlands, and many companies cannot manage without them. Nevertheless,…


International knowledge workers and labour migrants in Zuid-Limburg

Do you know how many internationals work and live in the Maastricht Region? Do you know how spectacularly that number has grown over the past ten years? Or in which municipalities internationals are…


Survey internationals about the interest in Theater aan het Vrijthof

Jochem Derksen is a graduate student who is currently interning with Theater aan het Vrijthof. He is researching the interests of the international community in the Maastricht region and how Theater…


Interview with an international: Florentina Deliu - Romania

Interview with an international: Florentine Deliu, professional make-up artist - Romania.


What happens if you have an accident ‘abroad’?

Maastricht residents often find that they take a short drive over the border to do some shopping, head to work or study, take the children to school or to fill up with petrol. However, what happens if…