Programme partner: Hotel Management School Maastricht (HMSM)

This month we interviewed Tom Kuypers, Senior Researcher/Lecturer at the Hotel Management School Maastricht (HMSM).


Giuseppe Di Rosa, founder of Sicilery

They don't want to be just another Italian fast food restaurant, but a place where impact can be made sustainably. A place where students can learn about typical Sicilian hospitality and enjoy the…


Programme partner: LexQuire International Tax & Law

This month we interviewed Branko Reumkens, partner/notary and lecturer in (international) family law and personal law at LexQuire International Tax & Law. 


Maastricht is culture

Column by Martje Gulikers, Marketing & Communications Manager at Maastricht Marketing: ‘Culture costs money. Culture is trivial. Culture is something for intellectuals.’ There are various conceptions…


Experience Heerlen-Parkstad concept embraced by entrepreneurs

The first entrepreneurs have responded to the Visit Zuid-Limburg Experience Heerlen- Parkstad concept in which 5 dominant eras take centre stage. In the shop, stories about Romans, the knights &…


Erkend referenten (recognised sponsors) fines and warnings in 2022

Your organisation must be an erkend referent (recognised sponsor) before you can submit an application for a residence permit on behalf of a highly skilled migrant, or act as intermediary for an au…