Interview with David van der Ziel - Communications intern

Our team has recently been joined by intern David van der Ziel (European Studies). Time for an introduction.


Interview with Eline Derks - Assistant Hospitality Coach

Eline Derks, Assistant Hospitality Coach has been helping out at our expat desk for several months now. It is about time to introduce her properly.


Interview with an International - Noushin Norouzian and Timea Giordano

Two women from different countries, finding support and friendship while building businesses and social networks in the Maastricht Region. Timea Giordano is a certified soul purpose coach and a…


Zuid-Limburg’s long-term approach to Euroregional labour market

Zuid-Limburg, led by the central municipalities of Heerlen, Sittard-Geleen and Maastricht, is going to focus even more strongly on a cross-border labour market. This is necessary because the demand…


Do I qualify for the orientation year permit?

Are you recently graduated or do you know someone who has recently graduated? Welcome-to-NL has an amazing tool to apply for an 'Orientation Year Permit'. This can give your career or that of a friend…


Naober Project Maastricht

Are you interested in being able to ask questions for your integration, and get many opportunities to explore Maastricht? Then look no further! The Naober Project is tailored to your integration. You…