Social Groups & Social Clubs

The Maastricht Region openly welcomes international residents and is a preferred choice for expats as it accommodates their language, religious, personal and social requirements.⁠ What better way to get to know this vibrant region than to meet up with other Internationals or people who share the same hobby or interest in sport.

To get you started, we've listed a few social groups for you. Most of them in English. And to keep it a bit clear, we have divided it into different categories:

Maastricht Region

  • Expats in Maastricht: Public Group run by Adina Petre (Psychologist & Coach) with many members. This group is for all internationals and internationally-minded in Maastricht. To create events and tell people about things coming up and more.
  • Expats near Maastricht Private group for international people. Aims to make contact with each other, share useful information and news and stay informed about regional activities.
  • Maastricht 30+/- Socialising Private group. For people around their 30s (up to 99+) wishing to make new friends in Maastricht! Locals, expats, students, young workers or anyone else feeling addressed is very welcome!
  • Maastricht - Girl Gone International (GGI) Community Members are around 20 to 60 years old, students to working professionals to retirees. It is mainly aimed to help expat ladies in settling into Maastricht and organize social events for newcomers and current members to form connections and friendships. It is free of charge to join but depending on the activities, there may be costs involved.
  • Food Bank Maastricht Public group of a volunteer run, non-profit community initiative with the aim of raising public awareness about the problem with personal, local and also global food waste.
  • HashtagMaastricht  A page about all things Maastricht, from shopping to culture.
  • Entrepreneurs in Maastricht Public group where entrepreneurs and small businesses located in Maastricht can network, swap advice, and keep up to date on business-related news.
  • Meet Maastricht You can follow them on Instagram. They organise weekly cultural events for locals, international students and expats.
  • Maastricht Room Search Public group for people searching or offering rooms, apartments, housing.
  • International Women’s Club South Limburg is a non-profit organisation whose primary purpose is to bring together women of all nationalities living in the area of Zuid-Limburg; promoting friendship, sharing mutual interests and extending support and information to newcomers.
  • Expats in Limburg Private Group with many members. Expats in Limburg is an internationally orientated group from Limburg, to meet people from all over the world, make new friends or reconnect with the old ones. With various events.
  • COC Limburg promotes the interests and rights of the lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, and transgender communities. They organise various lectures, debates, workshops, information sessions at schools, and other events.
  • Internationals in Heerlen Private group. For all internationals living in Heerlen or visiting Heerlen. The purpose of the group is to bring all internationals together and create one central point for sharing useful informatio
  • Expats International in Roermond / Limburg Public group for people who are new in Roermond. To meet new people and share your experiences.
  • Expats in Sittard-Geleen  Large private group. This group is used to ease the stay of all internationals based in Sittard-Geleen. Share experiences & advice, upcoming events, find job & housing offers or expand your network and meet other professionals in the area.
  • The Buddy System in Sittard-Geleen for international newcomers or people who have been living as expats for some time can register for a Buddy. These are people who speak both Dutch and English (and potentially other languages as well) and who can help newcomers find their way in their new home town. On their website you can get in touch with a buddy who will show you the ropes for 3 months – or longer or shorter, as desired.
  • Maastrichter is a website where you can find all the music activities/concerts in a radius of 150 kilometres (if the activity is on their radar). Apart from this they also organise a monthly event, where many expats and Dutch nationals meet-up. For the event, visit the FaceBook page of Maastricht.

Language & Culture

  • Alliance Française brings French language and culture to Maastricht and the surrounding area through; French language courses, readings, film and music evenings, Café Français and group outings.
  • Circulo Cervantes is an association of lovers of the language, culture and history of Spain and Spanish America; the association regularly organises all kinds of activities around these topics.
  • Maastricht Babel is a fortnightly informal gathering in Maastricht for people wanting to practice their Dutch and English conversation skills.
  • Nederlands als tweede taal / Dutch as second language Public group for everyone who is learning Dutch as a second language, Dutch as L2 en for students that are preparing the civil integration exam.
  • Espanoles in Maastricht Public group in Spanish.
  • South Africans in Maastricht (and surrounding Limburg)  private group for connecting South Africans in Maastricht (and surrounding Limburg). To organise activities, get-togethers and support newcomers.
  • Oekraïne Maastricht  Public group for all people from Ukraine in Maastricht, and for all the host family's and all initiatives to help.
  • Indian lives in Maastricht Public group, random topics.
  • Americans in Maastricht Private group for Americans living in Maastricht.
  • America Europe Friendship Association Their mission is to promote, stimulate, build and strengthen the Social, Cultural and Friendly ties between the citizens of North America, Europe and the Netherlands, in particularly Limburg.  
  • Netherlands America Institute Limburg (NAIL) The key objectives of NAIL are to maintain and strengthen social, cultural and economic ties, to promote friendship between citizens of the USA and the Netherlands. These days all expats are included, not just US citizens.
  • Irish in Maastricht Region Public group for Irish people and friends in the Maastricht Region including Zuid-Limburg, Liège, Aachen...
  • Language Exchange Maastricht Public group to learn or improve a language, meeting new people from other countries and cultures. Makuna Hatata organises meetings for Maastricht people from all around the world.

Students & Work

  • International Student Network (ISN) in Maastricht is part of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN). ISN Maastricht aims to provide guidance and advice to exchange students in Maastricht, as well as international students staying for a longer period of time. ISN organises activities, parties and trips.
  • Lost and found in Maastricht Public group where you can post items you lost or misplaced (like an umbrella, keys, jackets or whatever) to see if anyone found it and might bring it back to you. 
  • Sharing is caring but money is money Maastricht University Public Group to sell second-hand goods.
  • PhD academy Maastricht The PhD Academy Maastricht organises activities for all PhD candidates of Maastricht University.
  • Internships in Maastricht Private community for job-seekers and employers in Maastricht with topics about job opportunities, career guides, work-related articles and community discussions.
  • Deelnemers/ Participants Maastricht  Public group for science projects. This group aims at making researchers and potential participants meet up.

Sports & Hobbies

  • Board Games Club Maastricht Private group. A community of aficionados for board and card games. They are always happy to welcome new players and new games into their midst.
  • Maastricht Running Tours Offers easy and nice guided jogging tours in the city of Maastricht.
  • Maastricht Hiking Group Private group An internationally based Hiking group, that organizes… (no secrets here) hiking activities! These can be found in- and around Maastricht, they also venture across the border into Belgium and Germany for our day hikes. If you like to connect with new people while being out in nature feel free to join them. Often people like to bring food to share from their cultural background. Once a month they try to organize an activity in Maastricht on Sundays which involves a hike around St. Pieter and we they the activity at a bar with some beers & bites.
  • Musician Search Maastricht Public group for musicians in Maastricht that want to create a band or you are just looking for a specific instrumental accompaniment.
  • Plant care Maastricht Public group. Share your green wisdom, adopt a plant or donate a plant. 
  • Walking group 50+ Maastricht Public group. A relaxed walking group based in Maastricht for expats and Dutch . The idea is to arrange small walking tours on a weekend day for 15/20 km and afterwards a drink or lunch to socialise.
  • Swingout Maastricht  Get ready to dance, your feet won't stop! Stichting formed by a group of dancers who love swing dancing.
  • Salsa Maastricht Public group with salsa events. 
  • Tango Maastricht Danceschool
  • Maastricht Netball Recently started as the first netball club in Limburg! Ladies and gentlemen of all skill levels and ages are welcome.
  • MCC – Maastricht Cricket Club Public group. Cricket group of 30+ members who play on and off and often look for more players/talent.
  • Bikes and furniture in Maastricht Public group to help students to find an easy and convenient way to buy bikes in Maastricht. They buy, exchange and fix bikes.

Euregio Meuse-Rhine

The Netherlands

  • Expats in the Netherlands Private group. A place for expats to discuss topics about life as an expat.
  • The Expat Women NL (EWN) Private group with many members. This is a networking platform for Expat Women living in the Netherlands. Its main focus is helping Expat Women with career, business, personal development, interview tips and exchange of information.
  • Female Expats and Dutchies in the Netherlands (FEN) Private group with many members for Female Expats and Dutchies in the Netherlands. With the help of Native women or long time resident female Expats, other women arriving the Netherlands will be availed with wealth of knowledge at their disposal to succeed in every area of their lives.
  • Expats Eindhoven 2022 Public group to help other Expats in Eindhoven area, share experiences and ideas and to promote gatherings.


  • Internations is an online and offline global community for people who live and work abroad, offering global networking opportunities, local events, and expat-relevant information. They are also a partner of ECMR.
  • Meetup is an online platform for finding and building local communities. People use Meetup to meet new people, learn new things, find support, get out of their comfort zones, and pursue their passions, together. Simply type in the location and Meetup displays the groups and activities taking place in that local area.


  • Maastricht International Playgroup (MIP) Private group run by parent volunteers. They organize activities in English for children aged 0-4 All nationalities are welcome!
  • Expat Kids in Eindhoven Private group with Everything you need to know about the life of expat kids in Eindhoven and some of the unique situations life overseas can bring to the family.